Take your Next Holiday in the Cotswolds for True Luxury and Fun

Choosing to stay at home and holiday in the UK doesn’t have to be a disappointment. It can be hugely enjoyed by hiring luxury self catering Cotswolds cottages in the Watermark Cotswold resort. Each cottage sits on the lake’s edge and is surrounded by the natural beauty of the Gloucestershire countryside. It is a wonderful location for a quick getaway if you live in London or nearby is it is only a short drive away. The cottages are all self-catered Watermark properties and they provide a great holiday option for people of all experiences and ages from fishing enthusiasts too newlyweds as well as groups and families.

There are over 200 luxury lettings facing out onto the lake waters in this resort. The beauty of the surroundings is further enhanced by the miles of lush greenery and hills which make a beautiful backdrop. You can choose to spend your time at the water’s edge or even go for a swim and there are more high octane activities available too. This Cotswolds resort offers a wide range of water sporting activities as well as further indoor and outdoor land sports.

Each of the cottages available is truly luxurious. They are fitted with the most contemporary amenities available and stand alongside the most luxurious houses there are. Self-catering means you can choose to enjoy your very own luxury kitchen or you can get out and about and eat wherever you choose. The best thing about this resort is you can keep yourself to yourself if you wish and these holiday lettings Cotswolds mean you are able to simply enjoy the tranquility and peace without no interruptions.

Within the resort you will find shops, a beauty parlour, health club, café, restaurant bar and other facilities, all accessible within walking distance. The self-sustaining nature of the resort means you can enjoy your holiday at your own pace and indulge in whatever freedoms you desire. Your freedom and privacy are further secured by the gated security around the resort. This means you can have peace of mind about your safety in the heart of the countryside. Other perks of your stay include free access to local golf courses, swimming and other local amenities which you can indulge in. The cottages are available for both short and longer hire.

There are several local attractions which you can enjoy throughout your stay at the hotel. Cheltenham Race Course is nearby and there is also the on-site Lakeside Ski and Wake, South Marston Swimming Pool and Cotswold Country Park and Beach. Swindon is also nearby if you fancy a trip to the shops. You need to book accommodation in advance to avoid disappointment. Call us on 01285 869181 to arrange your booking.

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Cotswold Waterside Lodges are the Natural Choice for your Next Getaway

You probably choose your holiday destinations based on how far away from home they can take you. It may feel like taking yourself off thousands of miles is the best way to relax and unwind away from the stresses of home. However, if you have more than just escape in mind and want to enjoy the beautiful surrounds of the Great British countryside, then you will not be disappointed by the natural beauty of the Cotswolds and the waterside lodges built in the clutches of nature. If you are looking for a UK based break for a change then a waterside lodge in the Cotswolds will not let you down and may give you as much of an escape as those destinations thousands of miles away.

The waterside lodges at the Watermark Cotswolds resort were built with leisure and relaxation in mind. The resort however, caters to all needs and expectations, with plenty of chances to indulge in something a little more high-octane. There are numerous water sporting activities which anybody of any age can enjoy and there is also the chance to settle down and enjoy a few hours fishing if you’re looking for something a little quieter.

This Cotswold water park is situated in the middle of over 140 individual quarry lakes and there is the chance to enjoy the beautiful surroundings wherever you stay on the park. There is an exclusive and luxurious feel to the lodges as well as the surroundings and a real chance to escape into tranquility. If you want something a little more active and upbeat the Watermark Cotswolds management team organise a full events calendar so you can get involved with a wide range of activities. The amenities within the resort provide everything you could ever need and the management have also secured deals with local attractions too.

These waterside lodges provide a naturally beautiful and wonderfully comfortable and luxurious place to stay on your next holiday. You are surrounded by nature, from the lakes to the hills to the forests and can simply relax and allow yourself to be immersed in your surroundings. The resort also benefits from being gated and securely contained so you can feel safe and have peace of mind throughout your stay. To book one of the waterside holiday cottages call 01285 869031 to arrange your stay with the Watermark reception team.

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Cotswold Holiday Cottages for Sale Make a Sound Business Investment

Investing on a holiday cottage in a sought after holiday spot will give you a permanent holiday home that you can use whenever you wish. Luxury holiday cottages Cotswolds in the UK could be that investment as it is a place of great beauty and offers a fantastic convenient location for people living in the South of England, particularly in and around London. The Cotswold holiday cottages are designer conceived and have every luxury you could wish for. The cottages also double as great fishing lodges as they are built on the lakesides and there is a wide abundance of lakes filled with natural spring waters.

The Cotswolds water park area is a great natural space and the wide range of lakes means there are plenty of opportunities for water sports and past times. The enchanting natural environment is ideal for peace, solace and a rest and regroup and the lake waters are also great sporting platforms for various sporting activities. Lakeside walks, lake fishing, swimming, wake boarding, sailing, cycle trails and indoor and outdoor sports consisting of tennis, table tennis, badminton, hockey, cricket, football can be enjoyed at site on the resort grounds in the Cotswolds. Whether you want to enjoy the action or simply relax and unwind you are free to choose whichever suits your lifestyle and mood.

The bliss you experience here is incomparable and this stunning English countryside resort is just a short drive from London. The Watermark management has provided every luxury in the cottages including a modern kitchens and full air conditioning. The holiday cottages for sale can be picked from a range of over 200 lakeside properties and their prime nature in terms of real estate value make them a highly lucrative investment. By investing in a cottage you are bound to earn multiple returns when you sell it off in the future.

To discuss buying a property on the Cotswolds resort call Watermark on 01285 869031. You can discuss your needs with a knowledgeable representative and it is important to remember that the cottages are in demand and are sold on a first come first serve basis.

Lakeside Properties for Sale are a Perfect Choice for your Holiday Home

How about investing in one of the waterside lodges located in the Cotswolds water park resort? Yes, it is a great decision and a fantastic personal and business proposition. You holiday home will serve dual purpose when it is under your ownership and it is likely to fetch multiple returns when you sell it to someone else. Here are some of the reasons you must invest in one of the lakeside cottages the Watermark management has put up for sale.

  • The lakeside home you invest in is a great getaway during holidays. You can go with your spouse or family members, friends or a like minded group to enjoy the best that is being offered in terms of enjoyment in the Cotswolds.
  • The Cotswolds waterside lodges provide a relaxing and entirely safe location for your break. The water’s edge is perfect for relaxing and enjoying real tranquility.
  • The Cotswold water park with its rich green surroundings and endless quarry lakes filled with spring waters presents itself as a natural and green holiday choice for holiday seekers.
  • The lakeside property for sale in the Cotswolds benefit from tight 24/7 security and constant vigil is kept on the property which is gated. The luxury lodge resort provides entertainment for people of all ages including water sports activities, fishing, golf, field sports and cycle paths.
  • For Londoners and those living in the south of the UK it is convenient to invest in the Cotswolds because it is well located deep in the countryside but not miles from transport links. It is connected by the M4 and M5 motorways.
  • Self-catering accommodation means you can keep yourself to yourself and come and go as you please. You can get stuck into cooking in your own private state-of-the-art kitchen or you can eat out every night – whatever suits your lifestyle.

To organise a viewing of one of the wonderful properties you can call Watermark on 01285 869031. You can discuss your interest in buying a property and arrange to stay for a short time to make your decision.

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Wonderful Luxury Holidays Just One and a Half Hours from London

If you are based in London or nearby, then finding a nearby luxury resort which offers a wonderful home away from home doesn’t have to mean driving for hours or sticking to the stereotype of the seaside. Instead you can enjoy the beautiful Gloucester countryside and choose Watermark Cotswolds as your preferred resort. It is very close to London and at the water park resort you can hire one of the many luxury waterside cottages available and enjoy a relaxing break.

Finding luxury holidays UK travellers can enjoy doesn’t have to be difficult at Watermark Cotswolds is a very popular choice and offers a high quality luxury experience. You can expect five-star accommodation with fantastic entertainment available within the resort too. The place offers the opportunity for peace and complete relaxation as well as many activities for thrill seekers and those looking for a little more adventure. The beautiful natural landscape of the Cotswolds doesn’t disappoint and provide a tranquil environment to unwind and enjoy a holiday in. The beautiful expanses of water and natural wooded surroundings, complete with chirping birds and the sounds of natural wildlife, make it a wonderful base for exploring and enjoying a wonderful break.

The water provides a great starting point for enjoying a wide range of sporting activities including skiing, kayaking, wakeboarding and swimming. There are also inflatable rides available at Watermark Cotswolds Spring Lake and there are also further entertainment options organised by the management in full entertainments programme. Trips are organised to local concerts and shows and to the nearby horse racing. The Cotswolds is well located near the key motorways, M4 and M5 and the resort is not far from the beautiful market town of Cirencester either.

The luxury holiday homes at this Cotswolds resort are purpose-built to provide comfort and luxury. They are spacious and have all the amenities you could want from air conditioning to sun decks, designer kitchens and jetties for relaxing on your own mini patch of land. They benefit from the beautiful surroundings and also a gated community feel which means that security is provided 24 hours a day and the resort is fully inclusive and you can get everything you need from within its confines, whilst also being able to visit the surrounding area as and when you wish. To enjoy a holiday at this wonderful resort please contact the Watermark Cotswolds reception via telephone on 01285 869 181 and remember to be in touch quite far in advance to get your preferred dates and to avoid disappointment.

Beautiful Lakeside Accommodation for this Year’s Cheltenham Festival

Cheltenham is situated at the foothills of the Cotswolds and it annually it is most famous for holding The Festival horse racing event. With a capacity of 67,500 spectators to accommodation the festival is a huge event in the racing calendar and brings thousands of people to Gloucestershire every year.The Cheltenham Festival is one of the most anticipated events in the UK racing calendar and champion jockeys, horses and big fans of racing never want to miss out. If you are one of the horse racing fans this is a great opportunity to see some of the champion horses and most talented jockeys in action.

The race course is also a venue where future stars are given the chance to shine; however, you do need to have accommodation during your stay for the festival as it is a 16-day long event. Even if you aren’t an avid racing fan a day at the races is plenty of fun and you can build it into a holiday. The Cotswold Water Park is full of beautiful, waterside lodges which offer Cheltenham festival accommodation because of their close location to the venue.Each of the self-sustaining Cotswold cottages offers real comfort and needs to be booked well in advance to ensure you can get a cottage during this extremely busy period.

The Cheltenham Festival is the jewel of the jumping season and it is conducted through days of high adrenalin excitement with the back drop of the Cotswold Hills. The place is less than an hour drive from the Cotswold Water Park and a huge number of spectators will attend the event over its full length period. Cheltenham racing accommodation offered by the Cotswold Watermark homes is situated on the water’s edge helping to make the holiday very special and memorable.

In Cheltenham there is plenty more to explore as well as the races and you can enjoy the town as well as the races on a day trip from your Cotswolds water lodge. The management of Watermark arrange trips to the races and other locations to ensure you have plenty of opportunity to stay active and enjoy your break. You can call us on 01285 869031 to book accommodation to the Cheltenham Festival or simply because you want to visit the water park and enjoy the wide range of facilities at the resort. You can also visit our website http://www.watermarkcotswolds.com to find out more about the accommodation on offer.

Hire Luxury UK Holiday Cottages for Adventures to Remember

Luxury holidays, as the name suggests,are designed to provide a top quality, memorable experience with no expenses spared, and in the UK if you’re looking for a fantastic luxury break then the Cotswolds waterside resorts are a fantastic choice especially for people based in London looking for an easy to reach retreat. Watermark Cotswolds is just a one and half hour drive from London and once you arrive you will find beautiful well-appointed luxury cottages and one of those is set aside for your break. The luxury holiday cottages are renowned for their relaxed atmosphere and comfort and are and there are more than 200 luxury cottages lined up on the water front to choose from.

Going abroad to enjoy your holidays can be bothersome as there are extensive travel arrangements to make, accommodation to be booked and holiday calendar to be fully organised. A foreign holiday may sound like a great break but the stress involved may make it quite the opposite and instead, choosing a luxurious UK based break is a fantastic decision. At a Cotswolds water park resort you benefit from self-catered accommodation and your experience is your own to plan and organise, with as much or as little activity as you like. It is surrounded by lush greenery and clear waters and each holiday home is just inches from the beautiful waters, with a convenient deck allowing you to sit at the water’s edge and enjoy beautiful scenes across the resort.

By choosing the Cotswold water resort as your holiday destination you are choosing a spot which is convenient to reach and somewhere you can be in a few short hours. It is also a fully managed facility so there are group events and excursions to get involved with should you so wish. These events include everything from music festivals to firework displays and horse racing to museum exhibitions and much more. The resort is ideal for travellers of all ages, even if you’re taking the kids along.

If you want to book a stay at one of the many luxury holiday homes at our Cotswolds resort call us on 01285 869181 to discuss your stay with us. We have a range of options available and can talk them all through with you.