Hire the Finest Cotswolds Holiday Homes with Ease

If you live in the UK and are looking for a fantastic, luxurious break without going abroad then finding an English holiday home can be the answer. The Cotswolds are one of the most tourist destinations in England, and the whole of the UK and the Watermark Cotswolds resort is an example of a truly luxurious environment in which to enjoy your break. It is a perfect setting for a holiday destination, and the surroundings are simply breath taking with over 300 luxury holiday cottages lined up on the lakesides that literally engulf the whole place. There are more than 140 pristine lakes whose shores face the holiday cottages and each of these holiday homes has its own mini port and deck so you can sit at the edge of what feels like your own private lake.

Each of the luxury holiday homes at the Cotswolds Watermark resort is self-catering, and everything you need is within the resort, with shopping arcades, restaurants, cafes, sports fields, health clubs and entertainment facilities. Everything is within walking distance, and there are hundreds of ways you can enjoy yourself while on holiday in the area. You could get stuck into one of the many water sports available at the larger lakes, relax fishing on your deck or get involved with the busy events calendar the on-site management organise. Each of the luxury holiday homes has every amenity you could need including modern fitted kitchens to ensure you can enjoy all your favourite meals throughout your break.

As mentioned, there is a busy social and events calendar organised by the management at the resort and it includes a whole host of activities in and around the Cotswolds including visits to the races at Cheltenham, the Cheltenham Literature Festival, fireworks displays and trips to the theatre. The events are dependent on the time of the year, but there is always something to do or get involved with. The Cotswold water Park, country park and local beaches are also nearby if you need something else to do.

If this sounds like the perfect resort for your next break, then get in touch today. You can call us on 01285 869181/862288 if you want to spend a few days with us in one of our luxury holiday homes. You can also visit our website http://www.watermarkcotswolds.com for more information.


Choose the Cotswolds for a Waterside Paradise Retreat

Booking a holiday is exciting for everyone involved, no matter how old or young you are and planning an experience that appeals to the whole family is more than possible with a little research. The excitement and build up to a holiday period is huge and if you’ve booked somewhere as beautiful as the Cotswolds Watermark resort you can be sure no one in the family will be disappointed. When you book a holiday in the Cotswolds, the build-up and excitement will not be for nothing.

This water park resort offers something for everybody, and if you want to spend some time in your own private retreat, then you won’t be disappointed. The whole area is surrounded by lush greenery, and there are 143 quarry lakes with crystal clear waters to enjoy and plenty of activities around the larger lakes, with water sports and fishing enjoyable however long you stay. The front of your private holiday cottage has its own deck that leads out to the lake so you can relax by the side of the beautiful lake water or you can enjoy some private fishing. Watermark provides a wide range of beautiful holiday lettings Cotswolds, and you can spend as long as you like in the period, especially if you choose to purchase one of the homes rather than just visit for a short stay.

Within this resort there are six separate waterside parks and each is surrounded by beautiful, attractive green space and each home has a fully manicured and perfectly kept lawn. The resort is home to 24 hours’ security, and the whole resort is within a gated space so you can be sure of the safety of your holiday home during your stay. The property also has plenty of on-site amenities including everything from shops and restaurants to a gym and sports facilities.

Each of the luxurious holiday homes within this resort are fitted with the latest amenities to ensure comfort and enjoyment throughout your stay. They are let on a self-catering basis and so have a top of the range kitchen so you can enjoy your favourite meals while on your break. To hire a luxury self catering cotswolds cottage you can simply telephone 01285 869181/862288 or visit the website http://www.watermarkcotswolds.com to find out more.

Invest in the Cotswolds: Why Luxury Cotswolds Properties are a Sound Investment Choice

If you are in the position to make an investment and have chosen to invest in an area which you can both benefit from and profit from then considering the property market is a sensible choice. If you want to combine personal enjoyment with savvy investment then choosing to invest in a cotswold holiday cottages won’t disappoint. A popular tourist destination for those who enjoy the finer things in life, the Cotswolds, and in particular the luxurious lakeside resorts such as those managed by Watermark are extremely popular and packed with properties looking for owners.

Choosing to invest in a holiday property in the UK should lead you directly to the Cotswolds with its unparalleled beauty and lush surrounds. Watermark has six resorts based around six separate lakes in the area, with 147 quarry lakes actually based in the area to be explored and enjoyed. Watermark give you the opportunity to own your very own private piece of Cotswold natural beauty. The landscape is dotted with beautiful lakes, picturesque forest and endless greenery and each of the cottages provides a luxurious base for exploring the area and being part of a private gated retreat community. The centre of each site is home to a modern complex which houses everything from a gym to a health centre and a restaurant.

In addition to the on-site attractions, Watermark resort guests and property owners can access a full calendar of events which includes trips to the theatre, visits to the fantastic array of race days at Cheltenham race course and other events throughout the year. Whether you choose to explore the events on offer or simply relax into the beautiful surrounds, you can be sure you will be pleased with the investment you have made. Another key benefit of investing in the Cotswolds is their prime location. Your property sits on the lakeside in the depths of the countryside yet you are just a 90 minute drive from London and easily connected to other parts of the UK via the M4 and M5 too.

Watermark specialise in offering the finest Luxury holiday cottages for sale in the Cotswolds and when you make the decision to buy not only are you purchasing your own piece of paradise, you’re investing in something which may well deliver a great return too. To discuss purchasing your own Watermark property contact 01285 869031 or to discuss holidays and short breaks call 01285 869181.

The many Benefits of your own Watermark Lakeside Lodge

Watermark is a known provider of exceptional quality when it comes to holiday accommodation. It is known for its luxury homes and the wonderful tranquillity and ambience within the resort. Choosing to purchase your own holiday cottage serves a dual purpose. Not only do you have a beautiful base too enjoy your own holidays and getaways in, you also have a potential business, with the opportunity to rent out your holiday home to others when you’re not using it and if you do decide to sell in the future you may even make a great profit. Watermark homes are known for the high quality of their cottages right upon the lakeside and they offer a range of packages to the high-end UK holiday market, for those who like a little luxury when they go away.

Watermark offer fine luxury holidays UK holidaymakers and travellers will not be disappointed by. Their base in the Cotswolds just makes the homes even more attractive and spending a few days renting one of the cottages down by the lake is probably enough for you to realise that you want to purchase your own. Watermark provides a multifaceted holiday environment with plenty of opportunity to relaxation and tranquil moments spent in the woods or sat by the lakeside whilst there are also plenty of high energy activities such as water sports and cycling, as well as a busy community centre.

Watermark is a great location for outdoor and water sports including water skiing, wind surfing, sailing and swimming. Anyone who wants to try a new sport or is already a water sports fan will not be disappointed by the range on offer. The luxury lodges for sale at Watermark Cotswolds offer a beautiful scene for outdoor sports as well as relaxation and luxury. The centre is home to a café and restaurant as well as plenty of events outside of the resort which are planned on a dedicated events calendar for guests to get involved with. There is also an on-site health centre and sports facilities including an indoor and outdoor arena.

Buying your own luxury cottage Cotswolds is both a wonderful investment for your family and a sound business decision. You can rent out your Cotswolds property when you’re not using it and generate a handsome profit which you can use as a side income or save up for any other purposes. Your own private lodge is yours to enjoy whenever you fancy a getaway so you never have to worry about planning a holiday again and there are activities and enough fantastic scenery and things to do for visitors of all ages.



A Property for Sale in the Cotswolds Would Be Your Wisest Investment Decision

When you wish to invest your money in a property, you should first discuss the pros and cons of the choice because the property you are about to invest in must be designed to offer good returns for both the present and the future. Investing in a dull piece of land or a home that has no chance of yielding any kind of resale value can be an unwise move, but a vibrant place such as the Cotswold Water Park could be an excellent choice because it is full of nature and life and is sought after by many people.

This means it is a perfect platform for investment if you have the means and desire and the property available for sale in the Cotswolds is prime property and, therefore, likely to fetch a greater price and greater value in terms of enjoyment. The waterside cottages located in the Watermark Resort have everything needed to make them a top notch holiday home and their self-contained nature makes them one of the best properties to own. This is a well-known holiday spot hence the demand for luxury accommodation here which is at its peak in high season. Therefore, an owner can earn handsomely by renting their cottage out to other holidaymakers who are looking for solitude.

The Property for Sale in Cotswolds make the perfect holiday homes for a getaway, and an owner can always visit them to recharge their batteries or bring the whole family along for a wholesome weekend holiday. Great security measures have been taken by the Watermark management to guard the properties here and all of the six water park resorts have gated security and highly alert security men guarding them.

In spite of being right in the middle of thick vegetation, the settlements contain well-manicured lawns and water is always at the fore as the lakes that circle the settlements are just a few feet away. Sporting and entertainment events are the order of the day and evenings in the Cotswolds hence holiday-makers will have no complaints about not having their fair share of enjoyment. Visit http://www.watermarkcotswolds.com to find out more details and call us on 01285 869 031 to discuss the potential purchase of a Cotswold property.

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Fishing Holidays in The Cotswolds Are the Best in The Whole UK

Fishing is a great hobby and a fruitful pastime, and it affords you the greatest relaxation when you fish on calm waters, especially like those in a lake. The hobby can be a great one to share with friends because you can share a few drinks and chat away while you are at it. But to make it work well you will need the peace and ambience for the occasion, and the fishing holidays in the Cotswolds present themselves as the ideal choice for this. The Cotswolds are not far away from London, and so take just one and half hour to get there.

The Cotswold water parks are the perfect place to choose a fishing lodge because they have plenty of lakes surrounding the luxury lodges and each of them have their own deck from where you can indulge your passion. Waterside properties such as these are hard to find hence owning one of them would be an amazing opportunity. These are prime properties with huge resale value and would serve as perfect fishing getaway whenever you feel the urge. Each of the Cotswold waterside homes are unique in their own way as they are situated within 40 square miles of greenery and water. Not only that but 147 quarry lakes surround them and they are accompanied by lush green foliage and trees where you will see the presence of rare wildlife.

If you ever have nurtured the idea of owning a luxury holiday home in a water park, then you will not find a better setting than this. The properties in the Cotswolds are guarded 24 hours a day and the settlements are gated to prevent intrusion and prying eyes. Every amenity that is required to live a contemporary life is contained here and that includes entertainment, sport, shopping, health, and children recreations. Even the kitchen provided in the waterside cottages is up to date and the most modern making it convenient for occupants to cook their own dinner. Of course there are restaurants nearby that you can reach on foot and the community centre and children’s amusements are not far away either.

The Cotswold Holiday Homes for sale could be just the thing that you were looking for to invest your hard earned cash in and they will serve you manifold in terms of enjoyment and resale value. The holiday home can also be rented out to other holidaymakers who want to enjoy a few days of fishing in the pristine waters. Call Cotswold 01285 869 031f to discuss the best holiday homes in the whole of the UK. Continue reading