Hire Luxury UK Holiday Cottages for Adventures to Remember

Luxury holidays, as the name suggests,are designed to provide a top quality, memorable experience with no expenses spared, and in the UK if you’re looking for a fantastic luxury break then the Cotswolds waterside resorts are a fantastic choice especially for people based in London looking for an easy to reach retreat. Watermark Cotswolds is just a one and half hour drive from London and once you arrive you will find beautiful well-appointed luxury cottages and one of those is set aside for your break. The luxury holiday cottages are renowned for their relaxed atmosphere and comfort and are and there are more than 200 luxury cottages lined up on the water front to choose from.

Going abroad to enjoy your holidays can be bothersome as there are extensive travel arrangements to make, accommodation to be booked and holiday calendar to be fully organised. A foreign holiday may sound like a great break but the stress involved may make it quite the opposite and instead, choosing a luxurious UK based break is a fantastic decision. At a Cotswolds water park resort you benefit from self-catered accommodation and your experience is your own to plan and organise, with as much or as little activity as you like. It is surrounded by lush greenery and clear waters and each holiday home is just inches from the beautiful waters, with a convenient deck allowing you to sit at the water’s edge and enjoy beautiful scenes across the resort.

By choosing the Cotswold water resort as your holiday destination you are choosing a spot which is convenient to reach and somewhere you can be in a few short hours. It is also a fully managed facility so there are group events and excursions to get involved with should you so wish. These events include everything from music festivals to firework displays and horse racing to museum exhibitions and much more. The resort is ideal for travellers of all ages, even if you’re taking the kids along.

If you want to book a stay at one of the many luxury holiday homes at our Cotswolds resort call us on 01285 869181 to discuss your stay with us. We have a range of options available and can talk them all through with you.


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