Fishing Holidays in The Cotswolds Are the Best in The Whole UK

Fishing is a great hobby and a fruitful pastime, and it affords you the greatest relaxation when you fish on calm waters, especially like those in a lake. The hobby can be a great one to share with friends because you can share a few drinks and chat away while you are at it. But to make it work well you will need the peace and ambience for the occasion, and the fishing holidays in the Cotswolds present themselves as the ideal choice for this. The Cotswolds are not far away from London, and so take just one and half hour to get there.

The Cotswold water parks are the perfect place to choose a fishing lodge because they have plenty of lakes surrounding the luxury lodges and each of them have their own deck from where you can indulge your passion. Waterside properties such as these are hard to find hence owning one of them would be an amazing opportunity. These are prime properties with huge resale value and would serve as perfect fishing getaway whenever you feel the urge. Each of the Cotswold waterside homes are unique in their own way as they are situated within 40 square miles of greenery and water. Not only that but 147 quarry lakes surround them and they are accompanied by lush green foliage and trees where you will see the presence of rare wildlife.

If you ever have nurtured the idea of owning a luxury holiday home in a water park, then you will not find a better setting than this. The properties in the Cotswolds are guarded 24 hours a day and the settlements are gated to prevent intrusion and prying eyes. Every amenity that is required to live a contemporary life is contained here and that includes entertainment, sport, shopping, health, and children recreations. Even the kitchen provided in the waterside cottages is up to date and the most modern making it convenient for occupants to cook their own dinner. Of course there are restaurants nearby that you can reach on foot and the community centre and children’s amusements are not far away either.

The Cotswold Holiday Homes for sale could be just the thing that you were looking for to invest your hard earned cash in and they will serve you manifold in terms of enjoyment and resale value. The holiday home can also be rented out to other holidaymakers who want to enjoy a few days of fishing in the pristine waters. Call Cotswold 01285 869 031f to discuss the best holiday homes in the whole of the UK.


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