Find Luxury Property for Sale in the Cotswolds with Watermark

Investing in a property always pays dividends and the same applies to properties acquired in holiday resorts. A holiday resort property offers the double benefit of having excellent resale potential as well as being a prime rental property that would earn a significant amount in rent when the holiday season opens up. Finding a prime lakeside property for sale in the Cotswolds water park is easy; buying a brand new or pre-owned luxury holiday homes is simple. It is a well-known fact that the Cotswold water park resorts offered by Watermark have an exclusive selection of award-winning properties to choose from.

If you buy one of these luxurious lakeside homes in Cotswolds, you will become the proud owner of one of the most beautiful lakeside lodges in England. Having your own place to escape to for a weekend, or for a short break or a holiday can make all the difference in our stressful daily lives. Additionally you can also rent it out to other families wishing to stay in the peaceful surroundings of the Cotswold Water Park for a few days of serene living or adventurous outings for all the family to enjoy.

The Watermark Cotswold Water Park is 40 square miles of luxurious living. Stay in a beautiful lakeside lodge, situated around one of six of the larger lakes on the estate – Summer Lake, The Peninsula, The Landings, Windrush Lake, Isis Lake, and Spring Lake. With over 140 clear, calm lakes and acres of leafy woodlands to explore, you can quickly cast aside the stresses of daily life, kick back and relax surrounded by the full glory of all that Mother Nature has to offer.

Choosing to buy a luxury holiday property for sale in Cotswolds is a great choice, especially if you live or work in London. The water park is 90 minutes drive from the centre of London and has access to two main motorways. This is an ideal location for a countryside holiday property, situated right in the middle of Gloucestershire woodland and surrounded by 147 quarry lakes brimming with aquatic life. These luxurious properties are suitable for both a serene, relaxing holiday and an adventure filled sporting break. For more information, please contact 01285 869181 the Watermark reception for buying one of them or email your query to to get an immediate response.


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