Owning a lakeside Luxury Lodge is the ideal way to relax

Owning a luxury lodge on a lakeside is a lovely, tranquil dream for people who wish to put up their feet for a week or two while putting their hectic everyday life on the back burner. Owning or renting a stunning country hideaway isn’t beyond your reach. There are sought after luxury lodges located in the beautiful setting of the Cotswold’s, just a short drive away from the bustling metropolis of London.

If you are looking for a weekend retreat, within striking distance of London, the Cotswold Water Park contains six beautifully set lakeside luxury lodges retreats by Watermark, these are award-winning properties that you can either buy or rent. If you are looking for a paradise on earth, then this is it, as you are surrounded by the lush Cotswold countryside and attractive villages while the well-appointed lodges nestle by the water. The Cotswold’s are situated in the middle of the lush Gloucestershire countryside and only one and half hour drive from the capital of England, whatever direction you are arriving from, it is connected to two major motorways.

One can imagine how stunning the waterside luxury lodges look, and what facilities are available nearby. These luxury lodges are available to buy, or you could rent one for a few days so you can have a luxurious and fun filled holiday or staycation. There is no doubt that such properties come at a price, but they are worth every penny you spend on them, as they offer the most relaxing accommodation during your break.

Being situated in a location where green fields, woodlands and natural habitats are around every corner, the range of watermark waterside luxury lodges presents an ideal setting for adventure combined with nature and sports as you can take a hike into the nearby green, cycle your way around, dip your fishing rod into the lake waters filled with aquatic life, or simply boat your way around the lake or relax right in the middle of it, taking in the picturesque views around.

If you wish to have a piece of the famous English countryside to call your own, then you don’t need to look beyond the luxury lodges from award winning Watermark properties, located in the tranquil Cotswold’s, and just 90 minutes’ drive from London. Perfection.


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