Take A Break On Fishing Holidays In The Cotswolds

Planning a fishing holiday for the weekend? As a Londoner you might be able to find some fish in the Thames, but not much can be done about the traffic and the sounds of the city. A proper fishing expedition needs peaceful surroundings; a lakeside cottage in lush green countryside where you can escape the racket and the din. Fishing holidays in the Cotswolds allow you to do just that, yet are still within easy reach of London after a drive of only around 90 minutes, perfect for a short break, a weekend, or even as a day trip with your cottage providing a comfortable base for operations.
You can fulfill your fishing ambitions by renting a holiday cottage in the Cotswolds, as they present the most natural choice for relaxation with their location and the accompanying facilities. These Cotswold holiday homes are located amid the lush green Gloucestershire countryside, with over 140 former quarries now transformed into freshwater lakes teeming with a variety of aquatic life. It is these lakes that make fishing holidays in the Cotswolds so enjoyable, with an almost limitless choice over where to cast your rod.
Traditionally fishing has been among the most relaxing pastimes, while also bringing a variety of fish to the dinner table. But for true relaxation on fishing holidays in the Cotswolds, you need a comfortable base for your activities. Whether you rent or buy, a lakeside holiday cottage serves this purpose perfectly. While the wilderness is right there on your doorstep, there are also manicured lawns, so you don’t feel like you’re roughing it too much. And inside, the cottages have a fully equipped kitchen, perfect for cooking the day’s catch, or whatever else you might feel like having for dinner.
Fishing holidays in the Cotswolds are an easy getaway for Londoners, at less than two hours from the capital, but you don’t have to be from the big city to appreciate the landscape and the peace and quiet of these lakeside settings. If you’re looking to buy a holiday home then you can take Fishing lodges UK, there are self-build plots and completed cottages on the market, while if all you want is a short break (or a long one) then the rental cottages in the area are likely to serve your needs perfectly well too.


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