Own Luxury Holiday Cottages At Cotswold Water Park

Many of us would agree that a dream holiday might consist of a week in a peaceful setting, alongside a placid freshwater lake, with the wilderness of woodlands at our backs – but it’s easy to think that kind of lifestyle is something you can only have for a week each year. In fact, it’s quite possible to own luxury holiday cottages in such picturesque surroundings, and head away for a break in your very own accommodation whenever you choose.

Watermark lakeside lodges are luxury holiday cottages for sale or to rent – and if you buy, you get a little piece of the Cotswolds luxury cottages to call your own. These are fully self-contained holiday homes, with properly equipped kitchens and so on, so you’re fully capable of spending some time in your lodge without having to see anybody unless you want to. The peace, the seclusion, even the isolation from the crowds of the big city are all among the major selling points of this sought-after location, for short-term holidaymakers and for buyers who return several times each year.

To safeguard residents and prevent that seclusion from being interrupted, the lakeside communities are gated and protected by security guards, so there should be no unwelcome visitors knocking on your door. Step inside one of our luxury holiday cottages Cotswolds and close the door behind you, and the less desirable aspects of the wider world are safely shut out until you are ready to face them once again, making these properties the perfect place to de-stress if you have a hectic lifestyle during the week.

But you might think luxury cottages Cotswolds are out of reach for city-dwellers, tempting you to resign yourself to an urban lifestyle not just during the week, but at weekends too. Nothing could be further from the truth, as the Cotswolds waterpark are just a 90 minute drive from London. Even in the Friday rush as commuters hurry to escape the city limits, you should be able to make good time, and be on the doorstep of your lakeside lodge within two hours or so. Head to the lakes on a Friday night or Saturday morning, or for a bank holiday weekend, and there should be no need to even take time off work in order to fit in a few days’ relaxation.


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