Self-Build Plots – An Amazing Way to Get the Home of Your Dreams


Self Build plots allow the buyer to build their own house bound by certain criteria usually. However, the plot is yours to do with as you will.

In today’s fast moving world, everything comes ready-made and not tailor made. However, the fairly new concept of self-build plots will allow you to create reality out of your own dreams. They give you the benefit of the luxury to design one’s own house, brick by brick. The house, therefore, is tailor made to suit your needs. Self-Build plots can be found anywhere including around lakes, which will give you that serene feeling of bliss. Truly it is a world away from anything else – a luxury one requires.


Self-Build plots allow you the luxury to design your house any way you want to. From eco-friendly homes to homes that could put a hotel to shame, it is up to you what you build on your plot. One of the great fascinations of self-building is that it gives you the prospect to create a home that closely resembles your lifestyle – and is ready to adjust to changes in your situation in the future. You may be after a property for a new family that will also be able to cope with the life of a teenager too, for example. Or perhaps you need a single-story ‘lifespan home’ that can take you into retirement but still offer plenty of space for visitors to stay. Your home’s design will obviously be constrained by your budget and what your local authority planning department is ready to license. But when you decided on an overall size you will be allowed to choose which things are more significant to you and position your floorplan consequently. Essentially, self-building gives you the authority over who designs your venture, where and who builds it. Rather than trusting off-the-shelf choices, you’ll be in the best imaginable place to make the best use of your plot, exploiting the views and natural lighting, attaining better levels of luxury and energy competence and much more.


The most important part about self-build plots is the budgeting aspect since you will have to be careful of where you choose to spend your money and how. But, since you are not functioning on a profit margin, you can assume you will get extra for your money than you would by purchasing a comparable developer-built home.


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