Holiday Cottages for Sale-Make Your Home a Serene Place to be.


It is truly like a fairytale to have a holiday cottage in the beautiful paradise of the Cotswold’s.

Holiday cottages are perfect places to buy in the UK, the rustic, chic beauty of a cottage coupled with the exotic feeling of a holiday makes the perfect blend for any getaway. Holiday cottages are currently at a high demand in the market as more and more people wish to escape the city life for a while to relax. At Watermark Cotswold’s, there are many cottages bordering the lakes of the Cotswold’s, at prices that are hard to beat for the location and amenities you receive. Made and constructed in the New England style the housing at Watermark Cotswold’s represent a marvelous place to unwind and while your time away. A getaway at Watermark Cotswold’s is sure to impress and reinvigorate all the senses. It also provides a high resale value giving you the blend of a perfect holiday home and secure income for the future. This competitively priced housing will assure your future along with acting as an investment for you and your future. Don’t say no to this once in a lifetime opportunity. Check out the beauty of the Waterfront Cotswold’s holiday cottages for sale that you can own.

Rent and Resale

These cottages that are meant for a perfect holiday are competitively priced. They serve as a great investment for anyone who wishes for a long lasting, secure investment opportunity. This investment opportunity is also coupled with amazing holiday moods and the luxury of owning such a prime property. One may also wish to rent your holiday cottage out to holiday makers or more permanent renters, which will earn money for you and reward you for your choice of buying such a property. Being in such a location means that rents can be placed high with ease. The resale of these properties guided by our experts will mean you should be able to find appropriate buyers for your property, and price it according to your needs.

The investment opportunity coupled with the adjoining advantages of the many amenities that can be found in the Cotswold’s really make the Watermark properties worth checking out. The esthetic feel of the location provides many opportunities to engage in outdoor recreational services to keep both you and your family entertained. This quiet and tranquil location is truly a retreat and a treat for you.


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