Enjoy a getaway in a soothing Lodge with the luxury of a relaxing hot tub

When you want to sit back and relax in a hot tub enjoying a stunning view of the country, then these luxury lodges with hot tubs are the places for you.

A lodge is a perfect get away to retreat from all the hustle and bustle of the city. It helps you to become one with nature in all its rustic perfection while allowing you to relax in luxury comfort too. One of the best amenities you can take advantage of in all weathers is a hot tub. Requests for luxury lodges with hot tubs are prevalent amongst couples looking for a dreamy getaway or to celebrate a special occasion. Some of our luxury lodges provide extra touches such as four poster beds, Jacuzzi baths and even champagne on arrival. Many of the luxury lodges enjoy unbelievable locations surrounded by lakes or stunning landscapes so you can relax and enjoy the remarkable views. Hot tubs can be used in all weathers – sun, rain or even snow and will make your holiday great. Having this option available on your luxury lodge stay will surely make you crave for more and the family will be sure to love it.

Price Ranges

The luxury lodges Watermark Cotswold’s have on offer are available across many price ranges. At the bottom end of the range, you will still get a luxury stay with a feeling of relaxation, but as the price increases so do the amenities available. One can find many different types of lodges at the prestigious Watermark Cotswold’s, like that of 1 Waters Edge and also Landings 32. There are other lodges that will surely wrap you in luxury but also cost the pocket more. The luxury lodges available at Watermark Cotswold’s will leave no stone unturned while pampering all your senses. So there is a little something for everyone. Make sure to take a getaway in anyone of the array of choices.


Many of the luxury lodges available and the amenities provided will be proportionate to the amount charges. Some will provide you with a basic level of luxury while others will totally overwhelm you. Many of the standard facilities provided include a massage or SPA Centre, an outdoor recreational facility for sports, etc. While the high end luxury lodges may even have BBQ services at their fingertips, most lodges will have a beautiful patio that overlook the Windrush Lake in all its beauty. All in all, it must be said that luxury lodges with hot tubs are a must have!


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